To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed. That is the purpose of life.

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the question we all wanted to know the answer tofinally


A Kris A Day, Keeps Me Sane [5/7]

congratz to jessadorkable for day 5! I really love the picture you sent in! Fav <3


do u know when you watch your first mv of your favorite group again and you remember how it was to fall in love with them and learn their names and everything and you just cry for a few minute

september 1st, 1997; one of the most talented boys was born. happy birthday jeon jungkook! i really can’t believe it’s been a year since your hyungs pranked you and made you cry. you grew up so much throughout that short time span. although you’re the most sarcastic person ever and you bully your hyungs, you’re honestly one of the sweetest, cutest, and definitely one of the most ambitious people i’ve ever had the honor to know. we all look forward to supporting and teasing our golden maknae for all the years to come~!



happy birthday jeon jungkook ~ 

 I want Nobody Nobody but you

MarkJin piggybacking each other ~


The kids in Sokcho